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Posted on 06 December 2021

Exchange Train helps solicitors find approvals & instructions

ZenMove, having just recently opened its doors was looking for new ways to increase its revenues and after a quick call with Exchange Train, it seems the clients are rolling in

The Zenmove Team

Exchange Train helps solicitors find approvals & instructions by using the Exchange Train Platform.

A platform where people looking to buy and sell property look for the best quotes, including new property law firm Zenmove.

Marketing Manager Natasha from ZenMove says “ZenMove has found Exchange Train such a refreshing platform to use.”

Because  Zen is a new property law firm, it is important that we form partnerships with like-minded brands that are aligned with our values and with Exchange Train’s innovative, simple, and smooth approach, it has become a very enjoyable experience and successful collaboration.

The idea that you are also competing with other solicitors to win ‘instructions’ means you can also have a little fun with the process too and it tests how proactive you can be! The team at Exchange Train are well organised with quick responses and are always on hand to help us with anything. We have already generated excellent leads from using the platform and we are excited to continue this long-term partnership. For property solicitors looking for a service that cares about your needs, Exchange Train is a no-brainer solution.”

Principal of Exchange Train Alex stated,” ZenMove have been extremely quick off the mark when it comes to quoting and interacting through our platform. It’s no secret that we really push our solicitors to communicate with our customers quickly and efficiently ensuring personality, comfort, and trust within our system. Communication is the main driver for customer satisfaction and for solicitors to acquire instructions.  This resonates  with ZenMove’s core values making them a fantastic advocate for Exchange Train and an honourable firm to promote work to.”

Exchange Train continues to seek out the best conveyancers in the UK to help home movers with their dream homes.

To start your Exchange Train journey for your property law firm, contact us today.