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Posted on 29 May 2022

How to find the right solicitor for you

Home Movers – “What? Who? How? Huh? … Can someone please explain to me what a conveyancing solicitor is!?”

The Exchange Train Team – Don’t worry we’re here to save you!

Have you found yourself wondering how to find the right solicitor? Well, you are in luck! We break down some of the basics so you know what level of service you will get for your money.

Do I need a solicitor or a conveyancer?

As you look for someone to take on your conveyancing work you will hear people use both ‘solicitors’ and ‘licensed conveyancers’ interchangeably and it can get a little confusing. Simply put, a solicitor is a qualified lawyer with legal knowledge beyond property law. A conveyancer specialises in property law and is legally able to provide a conveyancing service. The details of your case

For example; if you are simply moving house your case would likely be handled by a conveyancer. If someone is selling because of a separation or death it will involve a solicitor.

Which one do I need?

There are some extremely rare cases in which a solicitor or conveyancer is not needed for a property sale or purchase however, in most cases they are a necessity. A solicitor is not only there to ensure you sign the correct paperwork but also to watch your back. Boundary disputes, piping problems, and structural issues are all possible within every property purchase and your solicitors are there to ensure you are notified of any current issues the property may have.

Who’s better – a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer?

Both a solicitor and a licenced conveyancer are more than capable of handling your property transaction. In some cases (dependant on the transaction) a licenced conveyancer may have to seek legal advice from a qualified solicitor if a dispute were to arise. That being said, licenced conveyancers focus on property related matters so some of them are known to have more experience in this area.

How much will my conveyancing cost?

The cost of conveyancing really depends on the transaction and the price of the property you’re buying or selling. Each transaction is unique in its own right so solicitors need to tailor their quotes for each person. We can tell you that the average price for conveyancing across the UK is £1,040.

Playing it safe, we would always budget between £1,000 – £2,000.

Is a conveyancer cheaper than a solicitor?

Licenced conveyancers are known to be cheaper, but only marginally.

Where do I find a property solicitor?

If you’ve never used a solicitor before, you may be wondering how to find one. Your estate agent is bound to have recommendations as are family and friends. Be aware that estate agents may be thinking bout the possible commission rather than which solicitor is best for you. Equally, solicitors do move firms so specific recommendations can out of date. We’d always recommend shopping around early in your hunt for a house.

It is worth mentioning that your solicitor doesn’t necessarily have to be in your local area. It’s very unlikely you’ll ever have to meet them in person and with the latest technology, you can sign and return any documents in minutes, worst case you can post them. Using a conveyancing comparison website such as Exchange Train takes the stress out of your search. It compares solicitors from all over the UK and finds you the most suitable one for you based on price, location, reviews and how fast you want their help.


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