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Posted on 21 January 2022

Questions to ask the seller when viewing a property

Have you ever been in a situation where you know there are questions you want to ask someone or things you want to know however, your mind draws a blank and it’s only after the opportunity passes that you remember what they were?

Well, we have you covered when it comes to property!

The Exchange Train Team have created a checklist of all the things you should ask your estate agent when viewing a property.

Using this list to your advantage should leave you feeling informed and confident in your decision when leaving each potential home you view.

Questions to ask the seller when viewing a property

Questions to ask the Seller when viewing a property

Before your visit:

  • Is there a drop curb for the driveway? Why are the current owners moving/selling?
  • What are the services charges or ground rent costs? (Flats and gated communities)
  • What is the council tax band?
  • Take a pen and some paper or make notes on your phone.

During your visit:

  • How long have the current owners lived here?
  • Are parking permits required?
  • How many viewings has this property had?
  • How old is the boiler, and what make is it?
  • Has the property been rewired recently?
  • If it’s a leasehold, how long is the remaining lease period?
  • Check water pressure OR are there any issues with water pressure?
  • Check for damp OR have there been any issues with damp in the past?
  • Is there an extractor fan in the bathroom?
  • Is there any power connected to them if there are outbuildings (Garage/Shed)?
  • Where is the property boundary, OR are there any boundary issues?
  • Have any crimes been committed on this property?
  • Does the property have cavity wall and/or loft insulation?
  • Are there any noise issues with pubs, bars, or shops in the evenings?
  • Are there any noisy roads or railways nearby?
  • Check room by room, looking for things that would cost money to put right.
  • Are there any significant cracks in the walls or ceilings?
  • Ask the estate agent if it’s OK to video or take pictures.

After your visit:

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Why are they selling, and are they motivated to sell fast?
  • Is there a chain associated with the house?
  • Are there any planning restrictions on the property already?
  • Has planning permission been granted for any existing additions or extensions?
  • Will the owners leave any white goods/furnishings? (will they negotiate)
  • What price did the previous owners purchase it for?
  • Is this property in a conservation area or listed?
  • Are any of the services shared? (drainage, electricity)
  • Get quotes for any refurbishment or building work and gain planning permission in principle.
  • Plan what changes you need to make to the property and whether it meets your needs.

Things to consider before placing an offer:

  • Check the Wi-Fi availability and strength of the mobile signal. Explore the local area to make sure you’re happy with the amenities and shops.
  • Check out the property at different times to test traffic, noise, parking availability etc.
  • Consider how long it will take you to commute to work, go to the gym or visit friends and family.
  • Talk to locals or potential neighbours about the area and what it’s like to live there.

We hope you find this checklist useful and when you’re ready to proceed with your chosen property, visit to find the perfect solicitor to handle your property transaction.