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Posted on 30 November 2021

Why Christmas is a great time to buy your new home

Is looking for your new home over the holidays a Christmas miracle, or strategic thinking? Lets have a look…

Contrary to popular belief, if you’re keen to find your next home, looking at purchasing over the Christmas period could be one of the most underrated property hacks of the 21st century! Yes, you could say there are not as many homes on the market than in spring or summer however, little do most movers know this could work massively in your favour. In this blog we have listed 5 reasons why you shouldn’t write off your home search this Christmas!


  • Motivated Sellers: It seems logical that while you’re seeing family for Christmas dinners, possibly trying to stop the kids from opening their presents prematurely or trying to navigate your finances during this (sometimes) overwhelming time. Continuing to constantly tidy your house for viewings doesn’t seem like the most convenient idea, does it? Well, this is how you find the needle in the haystack of un-motivated sellers. Sellers who keep their properties on the market over the Christmas period are statistically much more likely to want to sell their properties therefore much more likely to consider offers more suited to your financial situation.


  • Less competition: Plain and simple… as less properties come to market, less people look therefore reducing the amount of competition and risk you have in getting yourself into a bidding War.


  • Agent backing: As Estate agents are heavily commission based, you can imagine that when people take properties off market and stop looking over the holidays, its not that nice on their paycheques. Luckily for buyers, this means that the agents will be fighting for the sales and fighting for the business so use them to your advantage.


  • Faster communication: Adjacent to the bullet point above, less business means more time swivelling on desk chairs for the agents so don’t be surprised if communication times start to decrease! Let the agents know you’re motivated to buy and watch the emails come in.


  • House viewings: This point may be a bit of a catch 22. It’s obvious that most sellers are keen to promote their properties in the best light possible and there is no better time than when the sun is shining in the middle of summer. An interesting way to think about viewing in winter is that you will most likely be seeing the property in the most unflattering light during the most unflattering time of year. Go on the principle that if you like it at its worst, you’ll love it at its best!


Here at Exchange Train we are always trying to assist UK home movers as much as possible with their moves so we do hope you find this information helpful! After you have found your perfect home and your looking for your perfect conveyancing solicitor, visit and we will put you in touch with the best solicitors for you.