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  • 1. How do I choose which solicitor to go for?

    Exchange Train will do the legwork for you and find the five most suitable solicitors. Each of the solicitors selected will be able to accommodate your needs however, as to which one is instructed is down to your personal preference. Value for money is important but communication is key, we would always recommend you choose whichever solicitor makes you feel like their biggest priority.

  • 2. How will my data be used?

    The contact and property details’ you share with us will only be shared with the solicitors you’re matched with. All communication is held withing the GDPR guidelines. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

  • 3. Is my quote price guaranteed?

    You will always be informed of the price of your transaction before you instruct your solicitor. However, it is not uncommon for additional information and additional costs to crop up during the conveyancing process due to unforeseen circumstances or underlying issues with the property. Your solicitor will inform you of these and seek your approval before any additional charges are made.

  • 4. Do I get a refund if my case falls through or I choose to pull out?

    This is very much dependant on the stage you have got to in the conveyancing process and the solicitor you choose. We recommend you ask your solicitor before instruction as to whether they offer a ‘no sale, no fee’ policy.

  • 5. How should I set my solicitor preferences?

    This is up to you!
    - If you are sensitive to price add more points to ‘low price’.
    - If turnaround time is most important add more points to “Estimated Turnaround Time”.
    - If quality of service is important, placing the most points against “Reviews” will ensure the solicitor has a good reputation.
    - If proximity to the solicitor is important, adding points to “location” will prioritise the most local solicitors.

  • 6. Are there any hidden fees?

    Exchange Train does not hide any fees. We openly source reviews and actively encouraging feedback from other customers that have instructed our solicitors to ensure we provide you with the comfort you require.

  • 7. Are the solicitors quoting professionals?

    Each conveyancing solicitor represented on the Exchange Train Platform is regulated by either the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the CLC.

  • 8. Will I ever receive a cold call if I provide my contact information?

    You will never be cold called. Only once a matched solicitor provides you with a quote are they then able reach out for support, answer any questions or discuss any comments you have made in your request. Our solicitors are here to help.

  • 9. What areas does Exchange Train cover?

    Our service covers England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

  • 10. How long will it take before I receive my first quote?

    Your selected solicitors are notified as soon as you have submitted a request, so be prepared!

  • 11. Is Exchange Train a solicitor or associated with any solicitor or conveyancing firms?

    To maintain our independence, we have no favouritism or affiliation to any solicitors using our website. We are a consumer champion and are dedicated to finding the best solicitors for you.

  • 12. Is there anything I should tell the solicitor before they quote?

    A solicitor can quote with minimal information. However, the more information you can share the more tailored and accurate your quote will be.

  • 13. If the question I want to ask isn’t listed here, what do I do?

    Please email your question to or follow the contact link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you get ask us questions on any of our social media accounts and we’ll respond as soon as possible.